Things You Shouldn’t Do At The Poker Table

In conversation, Romanian Adrian Constantin provided useful tips for aspiring poker players – including a list of 8 things you shouldn’t try at the poker table!

No slow rolls.

Many poker players believe that slow rolls have lost nothing in poker. Daniel Negreanu even went so far as to call her “sociopathic” after an incident occurred at the 2019 World Series of Poker. Saliba is also one of the players who can’t win anything from slow rolls.

Do not eat with your hands – to quickly touch the cards on it.

You can call it cleanliness or good manners. There’s nothing worse than watching someone bite a burger, eat nachos (or some other snack) – and pick up the chips for a raise immediately afterward. Use the break if you want to eat during a poker tournament – or at least use cutlery!

Don’t act like a robot.

If you struggle to make the right decisions consistently at the poker table, you can sometimes drift in the autopilot. This can be a huge problem – so pull the robotic something back when you’re sitting at the table.

Don’t be anti-social.

There is another robot at the table: the unsocial player. The stereotype is popular with online gamers. They just sit there and move their chips back and forth – the lively atmosphere at the table doesn’t interest them. You should try to be a little interested in the others at the table. You don’t have to make friends directly – nevertheless, it can be worthwhile to have a little bit of fun while playing!

Don’t be rude to the croupiers.

At the poker tables, good manners also include maintaining friendliness towards the croupiers. If you play live poker more often, you may even meet them again – so it’s in your interest to get on well with them.

Don’t play outside of your bankroll.

Act responsibly. Strictly maintain healthy bankroll management and never play outside the limits. This does not mean that you have no scope for shots – especially in tournaments with large guarantees or those in which you think you have a clear edge, a shot is advisable. However, you should remain within the long term that your bankroll dictates.

Don’t get cocky

Poker is a wonderful leveler. Even if you take every pot with you at the start of a tournament, it doesn’t pay off to arrogance. The next streak of bad luck is already waiting for you, and those who are cocky, believing that they are immune to it will fall twice as deep.